Graduate Center General Assembly 11/22/2011, 6–8

Please join us for this critical planning meeting for the Nov 28th BoT meeting/vote on tuition hikes!!!

8th Floor Cafeteria, The CUNY Graduate Center, 6pm!!!

Last night’s peaceful protest against tuition hikes at the Board of Trustees hearing was a powerful display of solidarity and a galvanizing event for the upcoming rally and actions on Monday, November 28th. As you may have heard, it was met with violence by the police, and the tearful testimonies of instructors, students, and parents fell on the Board’s deaf ears. But we heard each other — the “people’s mic” inside and outside the Boardroom was a success! This is a critical moment to come together, work together, stand together, sit together, hope together.

Please come tonight! Your voice is important! Your participation, your words, your ideas, your questions are vital as we discuss next steps for the Nov. 28th protest at the Board of Trustees meeting where they will be voting on tuition hikes and adjunct healthcare – issues that shape our lives!

Press release regarding last night’s hearing and peaceful protest:

Petition calling on Chancellor Matthew GOLDstein to resign: