Background information on CUNY Public Safety

General information:

The City University of New York Public Safety Department (CUNY Public Safety) is the fifth largest law enforcement agency in New York City…CUNY Campus Peace Officers are New York State Peace Officers authorized to make warrantless arrests and use physical and deadly force. Campus Peace Officers are also authorized to carry firearms with the approval of their college president.

Board of Trustees Policy 6.6 on Maintenance of Public Order:

6.6.6: “A college president, or his or her designee, shall consult with the Chancellor or his or her designee prior to involving law enforcement agencies during a campus protest, including summoning the police, except in cases of immediate danger to personal safety or to property. In considering such action, the President, or his or her designee, shall make all possible efforts to consult with the student body president(s) and the chair of the faculty governance body. The Chancellor shall endeavor to consult with the student trustee on the President’s intent to call the police.”

The Village Voice reports on “Big Guns on Campus”

[From 1999] Thirty-five pages of receipts reveal that in addition to the $30,000 worth of ammunition, CUNY purchased 390 rounds of shotgun ammo and nine Glock automatic pistols with nightsights. Records show that CUNY also bought more than 400 mace/pepper spray dispensers, hundreds of extending batons, and body armor and riot helmets.