Doctoral Students’ Council calls for a democratic Board of Trustees

CUNY’s Doctoral Students’ Council has drawn attention to a unanimous statement passed last May, which calls for a democratically-elected Board of Trustees composed of a majority of students, faculty, and staff. The statement cites a number of concerns, including tuition increases, academic freedom, and general education reforms that “rob undergraduates of exposure to wider, more diverse areas of study.”

An excerpt of the statement reads:

The most democratic university in the most democratic city in the country demands a better Board of Trustees—a Board that understands its values and struggles, its diversity of opinions and historic mission.

In that spirit, we—the members of the CUNY community who study, teach, and work in its classrooms and halls—demand a restructured Board of Trustees that includes not only outside industry and community leaders but also the wisdom and experience of CUNY’s community. This new Board of Trustees should

  • be composed of a majority of representatives from CUNY students, faculty, staff, and administration;
  • reflect the diversity of community college, senior college, graduate and professional school constituents;
  • provide a balanced perspective from different CUNY campuses, to reflect their individual missions and goals; and
  • guarantee democratic and transparent channels for the election of CUNY board members.

To download a PDF of the statement, visit