Hunter Envoy reports on police presence, publishes interview of arrested student

The Envoy, the student newspaper of Hunter College, has published a series of recent articles about the Board Hearing at Baruch College on Monday, November 21.

The first article, “Unexpected clash occurs in Baruch lobby during Board of Trustees Public Hearing,” details the security forces at Baruch and the actions taken against protesters in the Vertical Campus lobby:

During the scuffle, Sean Nasab, a Baruch student, said, “this is absolutely crazy. [The police] should not be shoving students like this.”  Glenda Ullaurn, a City College student, was also at the confrontation.  “A lot of people are starting movements, but police are making them [the protests] aggressive,” she said in the lobby.  “Look, the police are surrounding the students and fighting them. We can’t deny what is happening, we can’t deny this.”

The majority of peace officers responding to the event were part of SAFE, CUNY Public Safety’s emergency response division.  Officers from Hunter College, Baruch College, Hostos Community College, Medgar Evers College, Queens Community College, City College, and Bronx Community College were also present.

The article is accompanied by a series of photos from the event.

In a separate article published on November 24, The Envoy interviewed Tiffany Huan, one of the five protesters held by NYPD overnight. The beginning of the interview reads:

JG: Can you explain what happened during the arrest?

TH:  An officer told me to get out of the building, but I stood there and did nothing but look back at him. Immediately, one of the officers grabbed me by my hair and threw me down to the floor, completely disabling me. They then dragged me across the floor and proceeded to arrest me. I was in such pain at this point that I was barely able to stand up. A student from Bronx Community College, tried to protect me by wrapping his arms around me so that he would break my fall when they were throwing me down. They arrested him too. He said,“you know why I do this, I do this because I love you and I love everyone here.”