Professor speaks out against police violence at CUNY

Anthony Alessandrini, associate professor of English at Kingsborough Community College, has published an extended article on police violence at Baruch last Monday, detailing the reactions of students and faculty involved and calling for the resignation of any administrators who authorized police violence, as well as Chancellor Goldstein and politically appointed members of the Board of Trustees who did nothing while students faced violence.

As Robert Hass put it, regarding students who have been protesting at Berkeley:

“Whose university?” the students had chanted. Well, it is theirs, and it ought to be everyone else’s in California. It also belongs to the future, and to the dead who paid taxes to build one of the greatest systems of public education in the world.

This is certainly true of CUNY, another of the world’s great public education systems. It belongs to the students, the teachers, and all the other workers who make up this university. It belongs to everyone who lives in this city, everyone who has lived here and helped to build it, and everyone who will live here in the future and will become this university. It belongs to everyone except for the ones who have seized it, the ones who now must step aside. You are the occupiers, not us.

The article is published in Jadaliyya, an independent ezine produced by ASI (Arab Studies Institute). Read the full story at