Staying Safe and Comfortable

What to bring:

  • A buddy that you know! Look out for each other. Have each other’s names and emergency contact info and medical information.
  • Appropriate identification: Drivers License or state ID for domestic students, Passport and I-20s for international students. Regardless of whether you intend to engage in civil disobedience and be arrested, having a valid form of identification will speed up processing
  • If you are a CUNY student also bring your CUNY ID
  • Cough drops or hard candies – to soothe your chanting-machine
  • If you need medication such as for asthma or diabetes, bring an extra does or two with you in case you stay out longer than you intended. Ditto for feminine hygiene products.
  • Standing and walking for long periods can sometimes make your body sore/achy, so bringing ibuprofen can be a smart move too.
  • Water and snacks to share to keep you and your fellow protesters energized. But don’t forget that bathrooms are tough to access during protests so don’t overhydrate!
  • Markers and paper in case you need to document anything–like badge numbers.
  • Cash just in case.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, and wear layers of clothing to keep yourself warm and protected. Wear a zippered bag to keep your belongings safe and preferably a backpack or across the body bag that will stay in place and allow you to keep your hands free.
  • We hope that pepper spray or tear gas will not be used against students but obviously cannot guarantee this. If you are concerned about tear gas bring a cloth or bandana soaked in vinegar in a ziplock bag, or wear/bring goggles. The medical support team will also have first aid and supplies to assist in case of pepper spray/tear gas.  Tear gas is painful, but remember to stay calm.  The discomfort is temporary.
  • A clear state of mind: emotions and tensions can run high during protests, so don’t use drugs or alcohol before or during a protest.

What NOT to bring:

  • Weapons (This includes utility tools with blades or signs with heavy poles), glass bottles, or any illicit drugs.
  • Large bags
  • Valuables-leave anything you would mind losing at home.