“Inside the Student Movement”

In a new AlterNet article, Manissa McCleave Maharawal, doctoral student in Anthropology and adjunct at Baruch College, recaps the crackdown on the student movement across the country, its connections to Occupy Wall Street, and the past and present struggles at CUNY:

In 1976 the University, amid years of student protests against it, imposed tuition for the first time since its foundation. Since then almost every year has been punctuated by protests over increasing tuition and proposed budget cuts.

This year is the same. But this year is also not the same. In the context of the Occupy movement, the student movement has taken off. Our movements are connected and stronger because of these connections. They are connected because they are fighting to articulate the same disconnect between power and people and to show the same connections between where our money is spent and where we want it to be spent, they show the connections between dissent and the way this dissent is violently repressed around the country and the world.

To read the full story, visit http://www.alternet.org/occupywallst/153229/inside_the_student_movement%3A_undeterred_by_crackdown%2C_activists_around_the_country_gear_up_for_bigger_actions_?page=entire