Preparing yourself for N28 protest

In advance of the N28 action at Baruch, the Support working group of the Graduate Center General Assembly has shared suggestions and safe protest info:

In order to create peaceful and intentional (and passionate!) community energy on Monday N28, we suggest you come to Baruch with any and all of the following:

Wear: White! Please wear as much white as you can.

Bring: songs & chants, signs, costumes, performances!, musical instruments, and friends you trust.

Be Informed: On Monday N28, you will be able to identify members of the Support team by their yellow arm bands. The Support team will be providing emotional support, basic first aid, and hospital, legal & jail support. You can ask any of them for help and information. We also have a specific Medical team, which will be wearing red crosses.

The Support group is now running a Twitter feed, @SupportOccuCUNY. To receive updates from the feed on your phone via text message, text “Get @SupportOccuCUNY” to 40404. If you have timely information to share, you can tweet “at” us by texting “@SupportOccuCUNY + your message” to 40404. We will be retweeting timely information to all of our feed followers. This feed will provide updates and documentation regarding legal, social, and medical support.

Get Involved:If you would like to be part of the Support team, we would love to have you! We are looking for volunteers in the following four areas:

Medical: Assisting students in need of basic first aid. Members of this team are trained in first-aid and will have information on health and safety, and be able to provide basic first-aid and a tear gas antidote. They will be wearing red crosses.

The medical team will be meeting at 1PM in Grad Center Room 5389 to prepare kits and meet before the protest.  It would be great if volunteers are currently certified in first-aid, or have been in the recent past, but that’s not a requirement.  We’ll find a way to include anyone who wants to help out.

Legal: Keeping track of the names of those arrested and where they are being detained, providing legal and jail support. Contact a legal observer wearing a green hat on with this information.

Marshals: Knowing the overall plan of the day, keeping a short list of contacts for support, maintaining a sense of de-escalation and communication. Marshals keep the crowd calm and informed of what’s going on, and listen to what people need. They will be wearing yellow arm bands.
Ground support: Being there for people in the moment. This could be at an action, or after an action, on the street, at jail, in hospitals, at school, in people’s homes – wherever people want or need support. Ground Support involves:
  • Bearing witness to the conditions of people’s experience – emotional and material interactions
  • Documenting what people have experienced, especially race and gender issues
  • Communicating what’s been going on to the broader groups

The Ground Support team will also be wearing yellow arm bands at the N28 action.

The Support group has also prepared a “checklist for an awesome protest,” which can be viewed and downloaded below.

#N28 Checklist for an Awesome Protest (PDF)