“The Frontline of Privatizing Public Education”

Fiona Lee posts a dispatch on the November 21, 2011 CUNY tuition hikes protest and the police violence inflicted upon students.

The police brutality that took place at Baruch College on November 21, 2011 was not an isolated event. It is part of the massive structural adjustment efforts being undertaken by the CUNY Board of Trustees which make it exponentially difficult for the working class minority students of New York City to obtain a higher education, to advance the private interests of the few. Despite the intimidation, another group of students defiantly continued to march around the block. Their spirited chants made the connections that the chaos of the evening sought to obfuscate: “Hey, hey, ho, ho. Tuition hikes have got to go! Hey, hey, ho, ho. Police brutality’s got to go!”

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