The Village Voice interviews Conor Tomás Reed

The Village Voice Runnin’ Scared blog interviews Conor Tomás Reed, a GC doctoral student and adjunct lecturer at Baruch College who was arrested during the November 21, 2011 protests:

 There were mic checks, and general announcements, drawing attention to the fact that CUNY security had their batons out. People were saying things like, “This is a school, why are you treating this like a jail?” and “There is no need for this kind of danger of brutality. This is a peaceful group of people.” And we decided, if they weren’t going to let us into the Board of Trustees meeting, for which there was still room, then we were going to share out public testimonies in the lobby. At one point, a student made a suggestion that we sit in a circle, General Assembly style, and go around share about what tuition increases would mean to each one of us.

About 20 seconds after we started to sit down, we saw pubic safety officers move forward and start pushing us. If students didn’t have their wits about them, they could have been trampled. We jumped to our feet and people started protecting themselves and protecting each other. The CUNY officers would hold the batons with two hands, holding them like a stick, and pushing them into people’s faces and chest. They were telling us to leave, but the doors were blocked.

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