NYC Labor calls on students to march for jobs and economic fairness

The NYC Central Labor Council has called for a march of all NYC and some regional AFL-CIO unions for Thursday, Dec 1 at 4PM. The CLC is reaching out widely and encouraging all workers, STUDENTS, Occupy Wall Street, and community groups to join the march. The general CLC demand is for Jobs & Economic Fairness, but groups are expected to raise their own slogans, signs and chants.

Everyday, we see hard-working families struggling to survive.That is why we are marching on Dec. 1. It’s not just for the labor movement, but for everyone who is frustrated and worried about the growing economic disparity in this country. It’s for anyone who has ever agonized about finding a job, paying for college, meeting a mortgage payment, or how to buy enough food for dinner.

The March for Jobs and Economic Fairness on Dec. 1 is a call to action and a
show of unity — we want to march down Broadway from Herald Square to Union Square and fill the street from curb to curb so government and big business get our message: enough is enough.

It’s time to end the unfair economic policies in this country that
benefit too few, and leave everyone else behind.

Assembly Area: 31st, 32nd Sts – b/t Broadway and 5 Ave. Enter Assembly area from 5 Ave.

March Route – Broadway from 32 St to Union Sq. Stepping off at 4pm.

Dispersal at Union Sq.

Come after work. Come when you can.
Join working people from NYC and beyond.
(Approx. march time from 4pm to 6pm)

This march is our call to action.

NO rally. NO speeches. It’s all been said before.

Your participation in this march will be our statement.

For more information contact the NYC Central Labor Council

A further march of OWS is also planned and all who wish to join us from Union Square to Zucotti Park, especially to support OWS and current struggles. At Zucotti Park we will have a Speak Out with a People’s Mic in which students, rank & file workers and members of OWS can share stories about their struggles and establish their solidarity with each other.