STUDENT PROTEST: PAST and PRESENT (A Faculty/Student Teach-In)

Thurs, December 1, 12:40-2:30p.m.
Baruch VC 5-150

In response to the arrest by CUNY and NYPD of students protesting tuition hikes during CUNY’s Board of Trustees meeting on November 21, members of the Baruch faculty and students will come together to revive the “Teach-In.” This educational forum dates back to the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s. This teach-in will open a forum of debate and discussion to help analyze pressing questions and controversies surrounding the student protests, the police response, and the connections between struggles at CUNY and wider issues such as the Occupy Wall Street Movement and its recent eviction, the economic crisis, and shifts in state funding that cut education and expand policing.

Speakers and topics include:

  • Prof. Kathy Pence (Chair, History): The Teach-In and student protest in historical perspective
  • Student, Denise Romero (President, Bottom-Up): Why Baruch’s Bottom-Up students welcomed protests on campus?
  • Prof. Clarence Taylor (Chair, Black and Latino Studies) The historic 1969 strike of African American and Latino students that won Open Admissions at CUNY
  • Student, Jordan Bonet (Secretary, Grassroots): Why we initiated a conversation about tuition hikes at Baruch
  • Adjunct Assistant Prof Sándor John (History, Hunter College) What can we learn from student protests in Latin America today?
  • Teaching Fellow, Conor Tomás Reid (Baruch English Dept., one of those arrested on Nov. 21):  CUNY Activism and Our Arrests.
  • Prof. Peter Hitchcock: (Chair, PSC) Why the PSC supports the rights of students to protest and free speech?

Sponsored by: Baruch Departments of History, Sociology, Black and Latino Studies; History Club; Bottom Up; Grassroots, & Baruch PSC

For information contact the History Department at 646.312.4310. Non-Baruch Students must RSVP to this number to be let into the building.

Labor donated