OccupyMedgar releases statement on mission and grievances

MISSION: Born out of the Civil Rights Movement, Medgar Evers College was founded on the principle of empowerment. Founders of the College expressly envisioned the empowerment of all sectors of our institution to guarantee shared governance. By making decisions together, representatives of the community, student body, faculty, staff and administration could govern MEC fairly for the benefit of students—truly a student-centered vision. Shared governance was to minimize practices of discrimination, harassment, corruption, and cronyism. In practice, shared governance leads to increased educational and economic opportunity for all. When abolished, every egregious act alleged of the President Pollard and Provost Johnson administration proliferates.

Corruption: President Pollard and Provost Johnson have continually worked against shared governance. Committed to the CUNY Central’s mission of centralizing decision-making power into the ruthless hands of the President and his cabinet, MEC Faculty and staff are stripped of all participatory authority—our ratified governance made meaningless. Disenfranchisement is nothing new to people of color. This was what Medgar Wiley Evers fought against and died for. Yet, here on our moral watch such dastardly deeds are being perpetrated by people of color, the very ones who benefited most from Medgar Evers’ civil rights sacrifice. Will we stand up? and honor the legacy of Medgar Wiley Evers. How? By resisting this outright theft of students’ educational opportunities and success under the rhetoric of student-centeredness or the “best” for our students. Demand more! Demand better!

OccupyMedgar stands vigilantly against any effort to undermine MEC Faculty. We will vigorously oppose the Pollard administration’s use of inexperienced Deans and compromised faculty members to yell at, menace, accost, intimidate and harass our faculty colleagues who still believe in MEC’s mission and core values. Furthermore, we denounce the present administration’s efforts to prop up Professor Jean Gumbs to hold the MEC Faculty Senate hostage, delaying what is certain to be a “NO CONFIDENCE” vote in President Pollard’s leadership.

Gender Discrimination: Gender harassment and discrimination at Medgar Evers College have reached an all-time high under the leadership of President Pollard and Provost Johnson. Complaints are mounting. Women are filing complaints with the Equal Opportunity Commission, hiring attorneys and allegedly taking this present administration to court for charges of gender discrimination and sexual harassment . CUNY Chancellor has yet to call this administration to task and hold it accountable for its campaign of intimidation against women. More must be done to validate and protect women against these attacks by the administration and their confederates other than to hold a Zero Violence Seminar.OccupyMedgar says: Stop the Violence! Stop the campaign of intimidation against women at Medgar Evers College and restore those women who have been removed from their positions of leadership to their rightful place.

OccupyMedgar is dedicated to making the voice of the disenfranchised, discriminated, harassed and disempowered heard, i.e. that of women and all racial minorities. Women at Medgar do not have to suffer in silence. Outspoken sisters and brothers, don’t be intimidated. Hold on to your voice tenaciously in a misogynist culture of threats and bullying.OccupyMedgar provides you with a support group, a listening ear, and a broader audience, so that you can be heard.

For more information on OccupyMedgar, visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-MEC/241082309280194