Tony Kushner donates 100K award to CUNY students after taking hit from Trustees

According to the New York Observer, playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner won last night’s “Creative Citizenship” award sponsored by The Nation Institute and the Puffin Foundation. Kushner, who was removed from John Jay’s list of honorary degrees last spring in a campaign led by Trustee Jeff Wiesenfeld, has donated the $100,000 award to CUNY students:

But it was not the board of trustees that Mr. Kushner was donating the money to, as he made clear last night, but the students of CUNY. It was they whom he had gotten to know over the past several months, and they who had vehemently supported him during the trial of the trustees. (Ironically, it was standing up to the board and “challenging the status quo” that won him last night’s award.)

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