PSC screens OWS films this Friday

No One Can Predict the Moment of Revolution: Films From #OWS [so far]
Friday December 16th


CUNY Professional Staff Congress
61 Broadway 16th Floor (MAP)
NY NY 10006 

Films include short work from NYC’s Meerkat Media Collective (“Occupy the DOE”), Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective (“Right Here All Over”), Rhodes Pictures (“#Occupy Our Homes: Homeowners Speak Out”), Rumur Films (“Month One”), Laura Newman (“The Eviction of Zuccotti Park”), Martha Colburn (“Occupy Wall St. 2011”)… plus docs from Occupy Oakland, Occupy Portland, Occupy London Stock Exchange.
This will not be a presentation of amateur video of police brutality and park evictions – though we recognize the importance of this as documentation – but a collection of impressive, objective, thoughtful, occasionally artful, of-the-moment film and media. This program totals about 75 minutes.
There will be an introduction and a discussion to follow, about the role of media in social justice movements, the emergence of crowd-sourced documentary films, and so on. Some featured filmmakers and video journalists will be present. Snacks will be generously provided by PSC’s “Labor Goes to the Movies” screening series.
This is event is free and open to all.