The Nation covers CUNY and UC students’ stand against privatization

The Nation recently published a story linking CUNY and UC student protests against privatization and tuition increases at their public universities. Several Baruch students involved in the Nov 21 and 28 protests of the Board of Trustees are interviewed, including Denise Romero Franco:

A week after the lobby showdown, as UC students were demonstrating on their campuses during their regents’ teleconference, their CUNY counterparts were marching through downtown Manhattan to the Baruch campus, where CUNY’s Board of Trustees was voting to approve the five-year schedule of tuition hikes authorized by Cuomo. To Romero, the trustees’ vote was confirmation that the public institution’s stewards aren’t acting in the public interest. “They come from the private sector. They believe that’s the way that public administration should be run.”

Romero’s observation is damning. But it also speaks to the depth of the challenge facing the public university occupations: saving the public—public space, public interest, public institutions—from publicly-appointed privatizers.

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