Dissent and Civility CUNY Style

An open meeting and discussion with CUNY students, staff, and faculty to address free expression and safety within the university.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012
CUNY Graduate Center
(365 Fifth Avenue)
8th Floor Cafeteria
5:00-7:00 pm

This meeting is being called by a student/faculty planning group, with members of #occupycuny and 40+ Distinguished Professor signatories to a letter of concern to the Chancellor regarding the handling of demonstrations at Baruch College on 21 and 28 November 2011. A delegation of these Distinguished Professors met with the Chancellor in December, when it was agreed that an independent investigation of the handling of free expression/safety procedures in the university would be called for, and that a subsequent “seminar” on these matters would be convened. Because of delays in this investigation, a student/faculty planning group met to arrange an open meeting to address “dissent and civility CUNY style” and to produce some sort of joint effort or statement by faculty, students, staff and CUNY community members, especially in the light of the events scheduled for March 1st. We encourage all those CUNY constituents (students, staff, faculty) to attend this meeting.


Planning Group:  Ammiel Alcalay, Anthony Alessandrini, Priya Chandrasekaran, Michelle Fine, David Greetham, David O’Brien, Robert Reid-Pharr, Domna Stanton.

Facilitators at meeting: Priya Chandrasekaran, Kristin Leigh Moriah, Robert Reid-Pharr