March 1 Teach-In at Hunter addresses tuition, Pathways, securitization, privatization, and public funding

National Day in Defense of Public Education 
Thursday, March 1, 2012
11AM – 2PM
Lang Hall, 4th floor, Hunter North

The Hunter PSC Chapter is campaigning to protect City and State funding for CUNY and pushing back against cost-cutting maneuvers from the administration that might lead to course reductions, deteriorating working conditions or non-reappointment of adjunct faculty.  Come to the March 1st Teach-In where we will talk about tuition hikes, Pathways, growing security presence, privatization of public education and the State and City Budget.


  • Jenady Garshofsky, Editor, The Envoy – Security culture on CUNY campuses
  • Tiffany Huan, Hunter Student and Envoy Writer – Arrested at November 21 demonstration against tuition hikes
  • Sándor John, Adjunct Professor, History – “La lucha educa”: Latin American education struggles
  • Michael A. Lewis, Associate Professor, School of Social Work – Public services matter too
  • Kevin Stump, NYPIRG – NY State budget
  • Christina Chaise, Students United for a Free CUNY/NYSR – Paving the road for privatization
  • Blanca Vazquez, Adjunct Professor, Film & Media Studies – Is there a doctor in the house? Adjunct health insurance
  • Alexi Shalom, Hunter Student & Students United for a Free CUNY – Pathways: A student’s perspective
  • Barbara Bowen, PSC President – Pathways: CUNY overhauls General Education

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