Occuprint launches Kickstarter campaign for mass poster distribution, permanent archival copies

A new Kickstarter campaign aims to get global Occupy images out beyond the internet: into the streets and into the homes, offices, and schools of #occupy supporters worldwide. Occuprint is a volunteer-run collaborative project that curates, collects, prints and distributes posters and graphics produced by and for the global Occupy movement, with several CUNY student volunteers. In the fall, Occuprint launched with an all-poster newspaper, published in collaboration with the Occupied Wall Street Journal.

According to the proposal, Occuprint is raising money to

1. print posters—tens of thousands of posters—and start distributing them anywhere there are #occupy supporters.

2. print a limited edition portfolio of screen printed images, which will ultimately live in the permanent collections of museums, libraries, and other arts institutions.

The campaign is about halfway to its target goal, and supporters receive swag in proportion to their pledges if the project is funded. (As with all Kickstarter campaigns, the project is funded only if the amount pledged meets the total goal.) For more information and to pledge, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/927709316/occuprint.