Free bus seats still available for #M5 Rally in Albany to demand education as a right

Students United for a Free CUNY has announced on Facebook that seats are still available for the March 5 #M5 Rally in Albany, planned with New York Students Rising (NYSR). Students from across New York state will converge on the New York State Capitol in Albany and demand that elected officials recognize that education is a right, not a privilege:

For years, SUNY and CUNY students have seen the quality of their education decline in lock step with the decline of New York State’s financial support for these institutions. At the same time, we’ve seen our schools’ leaders and elected leaders push and implement measures that would increase the cost of our school. They demand that we pay more for less while passing the costs of public higher education onto working-class and middle-class students. We are being burdened with massive amounts of student loan debt while our leaders seek to please campaign benefactors.

On March 5th, students will speak with one voice to say that we will not stand for gimmicks like NYSUNY2020. We demand that the State of New York repeals NYSUNY2020. We demand that the State Assembly and Senate implement a tuition freeze and truly represent us. We demand a full restoration and expansion of state funding to CUNY and SUNY, TAP, and EOP.

The schedule for the day is
12:30-1:00: Buses arrives
1:00-1:30: Direct people to million dollar staircase
1:30-2:30: Rally/Press conference
2:30: March through Capitol
3:00-4:30: Teach-ins
–>In War Room (2nd Fl), Senate Gallery (4th Fl), LOB Well (LOB across from Capitol)
4:15-4:30: Movement to Capitol
4:30-6:30 Last Rally in Capitol
For more information about transportation, see