Campus groups report intimidation by CUNY Security at teach-in events

By WarmSleepy

We have received several reports of campus security intimidation at the March 1 teach-ins at Baruch and Hunter and other events occurring throughout CUNY. According to attendees, CUNY security, including sergeants, have positioned themselves outside of these events (but declined invitations to enter) and have been recording the names of speakers. If you are aware of other events or intimidating actions, let us know.

The Hunter PSC chapter passed this resolution calling for an end to intimidation at union events:

Whereas, security personnel were stationed outside the Hunter PSC’s November 17 teach-in, and a uniformed security officer was stationed inside the hall during the event; andWhereas, security officers were once again stationed outside the teach-in sponsored by our union chapter on March 1st, and a PSC staff member attending the event was told by Welcome Center personnel that orders had been issued not to grant access to anyone who wanted to attend the union teach-in; and

Whereas, this is part of a broader, ongoing pattern at Hunter and other CUNY campuses that serves to chill free speech and intimidate faculty, students and staff; as well as interference with the life of our union; and

Whereas, this comes in the context of revelations of NYPD surveillance and spying on Muslim student groups and other activists on campus campuses, including our own; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Hunter chapter of the PSC demands an explanation in writing from the Administration and Public Safety department; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the chapter will submit an FOIA request to see any instructions or email correspondence concerning the above; and be it further

RESOLVED, that we demand an immediate end to these practices of intimidation aimed against our most basic rights.

Other groups have been encouraged to consider the resolution for adoption.