Graduate Center Visioning Assembly 3/9, 6pm

Graduate Center Visioning Assembly
Friday March 9, 2012
6 pm
Dining “Commons,” 8th floor

A few weeks ago at one of the Graduate Center General Assemblies we decided to set aside this week’s meeting time to think a little more long-term and strategically about just what it is we are trying to do (or doing!), and how, and why. The Structure and Process Working Group is pulling together a plan for how we can talk about these things and take some steps toward bringing them into being.

So please, if you’ve come to every GA since the first one way back when, or came once and decided to never come again, or have been meaning to come but haven’t gotten around to it yet, please attend! We really want to make this as inclusive as possible so that we can keep moving and building and working together toward, well, whatever we decide!