Queens College students denied access to public Goldman Sachs event over “security and safety” issues

Security was tightened and at least 10 students, some who even arrived on time, were denied entry. Photo by Salimah Khoja (courtesy of The Knight News).

The Knight News, Queens College’s student newspaper, reports that 10 students were denied entry to an event on March 7 that featured two school alumnae who work for Goldman Sachs:

“‘The security and safety issue is capacity,’ [Sergeant Eton] Brooks said to [senior Xavier] Deanfrasio and other students objecting to the denial of entry. ‘If the chairs are empty, then the people who are standing would be sitting in them. Nobody should be standing. We’re over capacity sir.’

In the continued exchange with Deanfrasio and Alfred Ortiz, junior, Brooks agreed with the students that it was a public event, but also said that if the seats for the public are full and if panelists who are involved with the discussion arrive late, they are permitted to enter because space is specifically reserved for them.

Upon the students’ further questioning and requests for entry as the attendees exited the venue before the event’s completion, Brooks chose to remain silent before he returned to his post. A few moments later, members of Public Safety filmed and took pictures of the students with their personal phones and then with a camcorder, according to Ortiz.”

For more on this story, visit http://www.theknightnews.com/2012/03/15/goldman-sachs-event-attracts-controversy-over-entry/