The Second Imaginarium 3/22 6:15pm

The Imaginarium – OCCUPY CUNY GC

Thursday March 22nd

6:15PM – 7:45PM

Rm 6304.02

The Knowledge-Werk Working Group will be convening the second meeting of the Imaginarium this coming Thursday at the Graduate Center.

The Imaginarium is a space created to have the substantive conversations that are not possible in the course of the General Assemblies but are vital for building the strong student movement that will take us into the spring, summer, and beyond. Topics include, but are not limited to, our personal and collective values, how we connect to the issues around which we are organizing, and how we imagine the future toward which we are working.

In our last meeting we brainstormed, discussed, mapped, got out of our chairs and onto our feet, and began to formulate our vision for the Imaginarium and the student movement.

Please join us this Thursday to continue the conversation. And bring snacks, drinks, and libations to get our creative energy flowing.

-the Knowledge-Werk WG