City College student government adopts new position: We condemn future tuition hikes!

The City College Undergraduate Student Government (CCNY USG) has passed “the most strongly worded document that they’ve produced in recent memory,”  according to student sources. Resolution 12-0322A “Condemning CUNY Tuition Hikes” invokes the language of the “Free Academy,” which was founded in 1861 and which later became CCNY and eventually CUNY, and charges that City College “has increasingly become unaffordable and its tuition is more and more amounting towards that of a private institution.”

This resolution comes following a fall video released on YouTube, which commented on the tuition increases approved in November but did not denounce them. According to the resolution, CCNY USG now “firmly condemn
s any future tuition hike.”


WHEREAS, the City University of New York (CUNY), founded in 1847, was one of the first public higher education institutions and, known as the “Free Academy”, offered municipally-supported education for everyone; and

WHEREAS, the City College of New York (CCNY), which initially followed the mission of the “Free Academy” to provide education for anyone regardless of financial background, has increasingly become unaffordable and its tuition is more and more amounting towards that of a private institution in direct opposition to its founding values; and

WHEREAS, 25% of the students at CCNY receive some type of financial aid or scholarship and 58% have their full tuition covered, so that further budget cuts deeply endanger this essential aid; and

WHEREAS, the CUNY Board of Trustees passed the Rational Tuition Plan on November 28th, 2011, allowing CUNY to raise tuition up to $300 a year in each of the next five years for undergraduates of CUNY, even though students protested and rallied all across the university system; and

WHEREAS, the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) of CCNY represents over 16,000 members of the CCNY college community;

RESOLVED, that the USG of CCNY firmly condemns any future tuition hike;

RESOLVED, that the USG of CCNY calls for CUNY to more closely take into account the concerns of the students;

FINALLY RESOLVED, that the USG of CCNY reaffirms the importance of college-wide discussions concerning all issues that affect the student body of CCNY and all other CUNY campuses.

Resolution 12-0322A