Trayvon Martin and Shaima Al Awadi hoodie and hijab protest held in Queens College quad

The Knight News, the student newspaper of Queens College, provided live tweets of today’s hoodie protest in the quad reacting to the shooting of Trayvon Martin last month and the recent death of Shaima Al Awadi, who was beaten dead inside her home. According to the twitter feed, CUNY security was on hand patrolling and even videotaping students.


More photos from the event are available at

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    “racism is a product of capitalism” #trayvonmartin #hoodies and #hijab protest movement at #QueensCollege Quad
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 12:39:36
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    “silent solidarity means so much more than silence”
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 12:41:27
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    march ongoing now toward Jefferson Hall
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 12:44:20
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    check that, Dining Hall. Security following students/activists
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 12:45:55
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    public safety van patrolling Dining Hall
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 12:48:24
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    public safety now videotaping students
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 12:50:29
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    Number of activists has grown to more than 60. “WHAT DO WE WANT? – JUSTICE!” – student movement for #trayvonmartin #queenscollege
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 13:00:28
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    Qc president james muyskens now in dining hall
    Thu, Mar 29 2012 13:02:30

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