Graduate Center gets ready for May Day

Direct Action Training
Thursday April 5
4pm-6pm rm 5409

A training in the skills of nonviolent direct action, what to expect in crowd and arrest situations, and how to organize collectively to make change by putting your body on the line. Trainer Jason Ahmadi has participated in hunger strikes, tent universities, tree-sits, civil disobedience, and has helped organize students from different universities to sit in at the UC Regents meetings.

Hacking Space in the Grad Center
Thursday April 5
6:15pm rm 5109

A creative and brainstorming discussion on the spaces of the Graduate Center. How well do we know, and how freely can we use the spaces inside our building? What spaces are common to all? What spaces are available for collaboration, for play, for building community, for bringing us together? The Imaginarium is a space created to have the substantive conversations that are vital for building the strong student movement that will take us into the spring, summer, and beyond

Grad Center General Assembly
Friday April 6
3pm 8th Fl Dining Rm

On the agenda:

  • James Gallery Installation Proposal
  • Radical Teaching Through May 1
  • Free University in Bryant Park
  • Build up to May 1
  • May 1 Actions
  • Outreach

The General Assembly is an open, directly democratic forum for CUNY Graduate Center students, faculty, and staff.