Brooklyn College to exorcise student debt on 1T Day, Apr 25 at Noon

As student debt in the United States hits One Trillion Dollars, the Brooklyn College Student Union along with the help of Reverend Billy Talen, plan to “exorcise” student debt from campus. The 1T day extravaganza will take place on the Quad at Noon on April 25, the day when the total amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is due to top 1 trillion dollars.

The Brooklyn College Student Union, in solidarity with Occupy Student Debt Campaign and New York Students Rising, has organized a day full of events to bring to light the student struggle with debt. “It’s not just an issue for students but for working families who often take on debt to return to school in the hopes of finding higher paying jobs to support their families as the cost of living, especially in New York City, increases. If we want to help working families in a concrete way we need higher education to be free and for student debt to be forgiven,” states Biola Jeje, a junior at Brooklyn College.

Performances for the day include

  • Rebel Diaz, South Bronx’s grassroots political Hip Hop group will be performing.
  • Rude Mechanical Orchestra, radical marching band will be making an appearance.
  • Revolutionary Games, Occupy Wall Street’s own Capoiera troupe will be playing on the Quad…
  • And finally, world renown performance artist, Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping will be exorcising student loan debt on the steps of Boylan Hall!

For more information, visit For interviews with Rebel Diaz, Reverend Billy and/or students affected by student loan debt please contact Julieta Salgado at