May 2 Student Manifestation announced at Brooklyn College

The Brooklyn College Student Union, CUNY GC General AssemblyStudents United for a Free CUNY, and New York Students Rising have announced a May 2 Student Manifestation at Brooklyn College.

Meet us on the Brooklyn College Quad on May 2nd at 12:00pm and take back our education from the Board of Trustees, Wall Street and our college administrators.

****Schedule of the day:*****
12:00 Wedding of Kroll and Chancellor Goldstein + Music
1:00 Free Lunch + Speakers
2:00 Free University teach-ins
3:00 Bursting the student loan debt balloons + chair procession demonstration

Calling all NYC students…

The purpose of higher education is a diploma.
The purpose of a diploma is a job.
The purpose of a better diploma is a higher paying job.
The value of an education is measured in dollars and cents.
Now, a massive part of the educational experience is missing.
We are learning within the corporate university model.

Six ways to CREATE ACCESS to higher education in the United States:
1) College should be free: no tuition.
2) Democratize the university: relevant curriculum, abolish the Board of Trustees, meaningful student participation, transparent and participatory budgeting…
3) Cut ties and divest from Wall Street. Take back our schools from the 1%.
4) Forgive student loan debt.
5) Open up admissions and provide access to higher education to undocumented youth.
6) Address inequality in K-12 schools

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Julieta Salgado, Cell phone: (585) 698-3653, Email:
Alyson Spurgus, Cell phone: (443) 610-8364, Email:
Biola Jeje, Cell phone: (347) 681-5923, Email:

May 2 NYC wide Student Manifestation on the Brooklyn College Quad

The Brooklyn College Student Union, Brooklyn College New York Public Interest Research Group Students United for a Free CUNY, New York Students Rising, the CUNY Graduate Center General Assembly and the Brooklyn College Professional Staff Congress welcome you to a New York City Student Manifestation on the Brooklyn College Quad at 12pm on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. Join us in taking back our education from the Board of Trustees, Wall Street, and our college administrators with a springtime union of privilege and security, free lunch, teach ins, and a collective bursting of student loan debt balloons. Wear red to show that you believe in the right to education for all.

This CUNY-Wide Day of Action will build further momentum for social equality, show the collective power of CUNY faculty, students, and staff, and demonstrate our ability to transform the City University of New York (CUNY) into a university that is accessible, accountable, democratic, and free for all. We invite all CUNY students, faculty and staff, and all New Yorkers, to join in this public endeavor to make education accessible to all and relevant to the struggles and challenges faced by New York’s 99%. As all those who have struggled to make CUNY a truly public university have shown us, we must take deliberate steps to build the university that we want and need.

From Quebec to Greece to Chile to the UK, students have been protesting against the increasing commercialization and privatization of public education, and fighting for free and emancipatory education. On May 2, New York City students will gather in a public display of feeling to counter the paradigm of a corporate CUNY. Measuring the value of our educational experience in dollars and cents, in the pay rate of the jobs our diplomas get us, undermines the true power of public higher education to prepare young people for life and teach them to be citizens. Next week, we join together to reclaim the public university as a public sphere, a place for society to reflect on our past and make tangible another possible future. In conceiving of higher education as a public good, we make claims on the University and the State to create access to this good for all.

The increasing cost of tuition at CUNY narrows access and adds to burden of indebtedness among students. As Brooklyn College junior Biola Jeje states, this is “not just an issue for students but for working families who often take on debt to return to school in the hopes of finding higher paying jobs to support their families as the cost of living, especially in New York City, increases. If we want to help working families in a concrete way we need higher education to be free and for student debt to be forgiven.” The organizations endorsing the event are demanding a more inclusive implementation of policies that promote access to higher education in the United States. They assert that creating access to higher ed must include: a millionaires tax that would subsidize college tuition for CUNY and SUNY students, the abolition of Board of Trustees and the creation of a more democratic governing body, getting rid of restrictions on financial aid and scholarship restrictions for undocumented youth seeking to obtain college degrees, collective student loan debt refusal, university divestment from Wall Street and radical reforms that serve low income students of color in K-12 public schools.


For interviews regarding the student loan debt crisis contact: Julieta Salgado
For interviews about the May 1 and May 2 Free University contact: Alyson Spurgus
For interviews regarding accessibility to higher education contact: Biola Jeje