All charges dismissed against students arrested on November 21, 2011 at Board of Trustees Hearing at Baruch College

Five CUNY students still facing charges associated with the N21 protests at Baruch appeared before a judge this morning. The students were blocked from attending the Board of Trustees public hearing and faced charges ranging from disorderly conduct to trespass. A press conference conference condemning the actions of CUNY security and NYPD was held at 9am in front of the New York City criminal court at 100 Centre St.

The Knight News, Queens College’s student newspaper, and Occupy CUNY GC had live coverage of the morning:

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    #CUNY students who were arrested @ #N21 BoTrustees meeting @ #Baruch hold press conf @ 100centre St, downtown today 9 am. 1 is a #QC student
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 08:43:09
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    Background on #N21 hearing and protest:… #CUNY #QC
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 09:04:39
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    @FrancisChaMadi hearing for 5 of the 15 arrested for civil disobedience/mic-checking in the lobby. Video of #N21 here:
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 09:08:44
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    From the courtroom… Charges dismissed!!!
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 10:05
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    Students and faculty gather outside court. After all charges were dismissed: #CUNY #BoT
    Wed, Apr 25 2012 10:25:03