CUNY-Wide May1st / May 2nd Planning Meeting on 4/27, 2pm at Grad Center

Friday, April 27
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, 8th Floor Dining Commons

This will be a place for folks from different campuses to be in conversation/collaboration and for our working groups to sync up prior to May 1st and May 2nd. The first two hours will be a GA, the second two hours will be working group break-out …sessions.

Plans for May 1 include on-campus events across CUNY and the Free University of New York City, a public space for the 99% to disengage from an unequal system and imagine a model for alternative education. Gathering in Madison Square Park, and meeting in other spaces in solidarity, we will create a university that is open to all, without debt or tuition for students, without pre-requisites, age limits or any other disqualifying requirements. A marriage ceremony will unite a certain CUNY bureaucrat and a private security corporation. The Free University will be followed by a massive student convergence and march to Union Square to join the 4pm May Day Rally.

Students at Brooklyn College are organizing a CUNY-wide Day of Action, to take place on their campus in the afternoon of May 2. They will recreate aspects of the Free University and (un)celebrate the marriage between CUNY and corporate power, and engage in other reclamations of space and power. Conversations around this event are particularly crucial to make sure it is fully supported that day!