CUNY Baccalaureate hosts May Day get together, 6pm Rm 6412 at Grad Center

CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies is organizing a spring get together for students, alumni, and faculty. The event will take place on May 1, 2012, in Room 6412 at the Graduate Center starting at 6pm. Refreshments, snacks, and beverages will be served.

In observance of May Day 2012 several guests will discuss their social and political activism. Among them will be:

Rosalind Petchesky, Distinguish Professor of Political Science at Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center. Professor Petchesky has written numerous articles and books on issues of reproductive and sexual rights. They have been translated into five languages and have influenced scholars, advocates and legal forums. Professor Petchesky has mentored several CUNY BA students, among them is Athena Huckaby who will discuss their collaboration.

Michael Menser, Professor at the Philosophy Department, Brooklyn College. Professor Menser advises the BC Coffee Collective (a student-run cafe in the Student Center) and the Students for Global Justice club and is president of the Participatory Budgeting Project. He also mentors CUNY BA students and is well known for his unabated support for political activism.

Kayhan Irani, CUNY BA alumna and an artivist. Kayhan is an Emmy award winning writer, director, performer, and facilitator. She will discuss her latest project in the area of arts and activism.

During the event, MEMEAC will display CUNY BA co-sponsored photo exhibition: Revolution in Their Eyes: Activist Photography from Yemen. The images in this show are the work of several activist-photographers. They provide a glimpse of the reality—both brutal and beautiful—of daily life inside Change Square, the heart of the revolution in Yemen’s capital, San’a.

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