Recap: #NoCopsNoHikes March from Hunter College to CUNY Central

As reported in the Hunter Envoy, about 110 students gathered outside Hunter College West today, where a banner drop occurred, before marching to CUNY Central at 80th Street. The march was planned in response to tuition hikes and police presence on campuses, including the arrest of two Brooklyn College students last week during a protest outside President Karen Gould’s office.

According to Twitter reports, the march was greeted with support and solidarity from high school students along the way. After demanding to speak to Chancellor Goldstein, protesters were greeted by an inaudible Michael Arena, Director for Communications and Marketing, who told the crowd, “you have very interesting stories. I am very appreciative that you told me your stories. I listened very closely to every word of it.”

A vigil for the two students is planned for Wednesday, May 16.