Student March in Solidarity with Eric Carlsen and the Struggle for a Free CUNY

Brooklyn College Student Union has announced a march on Wednesday, June 20 starting at Fort Greene Park. The march is part of support for Eric Carlsen, who was arrested at Brooklyn College on May 2 during a non-violent student sit-in.

Facebook event:

On May 2nd, during a non-violent student sit-in, Eric Carlsen and Julieta Salgado were arrested on the 2nd floor of Boylan Hall, the administrative hall of Brooklyn College. While Julieta was released with an ACD, Eric is still facing charges and will appear in court on June 20th at 9:30am.

May 2nd marked another day of student repression by security personnel and NYPD at CUNY. We march on June 20th from Forte Greene Park to
120 Schermerhorn St to show our support for our comrade, Eric, but also to show our persistence in our struggle for a free CUNY.

We want a CUNY that is accessible to the communities that the university was originally founded to serve: working class and after much organizing on the part of students, communities of color.

Please join us at Forte Greene Park at 9am SHARP.