QCC discussions to continue throughout the week, including Free University

As the CUNY community becomes aware of the administration’s reprisals against Queensborough English faculty—a move that could cut writing composition courses for thousands of community college students—discussions of how students and faculty can respond to this incident and to Pathways in general are set to continue throughout the week. (For more background on this situation see this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education).

Tuesday’s Education Assembly at the Free University will include discussion of events at QCC as part of larger debrief of the day and break-out groups on movement building, next steps, and the future of Free University project. The Education Assembly will take place at 6pm at the Madison Square Park Statue (see map here).

StudentActivism.net also reported here that QCC English faculty will hold another meeting on Wednesday to address the situation. According to the article,

Faculty are adamant that they will not reverse their decision, and confident that they have the vote strength to hold firm.

The PSC union has already issued a strong statement of support for the faculty and has threatened legal action should the administration continue its current path.