CUNY101 – The plan

For the past year, we’ve been covering stories, issues, and events related to OccupyCUNY and other CUNY-movement groups. In that year, we saw students beaten by security/NYPD for trying to enter a public meeting—about the tuition they pay. We saw faculty steamrolled by administration and mocked by the CUNY Board of Trustees. We learned that NYPD has been spying on student groups across the Northeast. And we did a lot of protesting, petitioning, and visioning of what public education could be.

After a year, the movement is broader. We are seeing campuses in solidarity. We are seeing faculty stand up. We are seeing lots of energy in classrooms and student groups. But even more, we are seeing this connected to a longer struggle at CUNY and we are trying to learn from that past and bring back accessible tuition (even if that means $0), an open admissions process that puts education in reach, a strong curriculum developed by the faculty not administrators, and a campus community that is safe, healthy, and open to dissent and protest.

As our movement grows, this site must also grow. We recognize a need to provide more information for the community—the whole CUNY community—on the issues that affect it. In the coming months, we’ll be adding in more links to other content and sites, especially those with teaching materials, and focusing on creating a CUNY 101, a place where anyone can go to learn about the real CUNY. Stay tuned and let us know if you have any ideas. Email us or comment below.