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12 Things to Know about the Kroll report

CUNY’s official report on the student protests over tuition hikes was released quietly this January. This post summarizes 12 takeaway points that highlight the most interesting–and often worst–aspects of the report.


Student March in Solidarity with Eric Carlsen and the Struggle for a Free CUNY

Brooklyn College Student Union has announced a march on Wednesday, June 20 starting at Fort Greene Park. The march is part of support for Eric Carlsen, who was arrested at Brooklyn College on… Continue reading

Recap and photos from May 22 actions in solidarity with the 100th day of the Quebec student strike

Hundreds of CUNY students and supporters took part in solidarity actions across New York today, coinciding with the 100th day of the Quebec student strikes. The actions were focused around an emergency law (Bill 78), which specifically targets the student assemblies and mobilizations in an attempt to break the ongoing strike.

Hundreds gather for silent vigil against student arrests

Over two hundred faculty, students, and staff gathered at Brooklyn College for a silent vigil against the arrests of two students during a peaceful protest on May 2

Recap: #NoCopsNoHikes March from Hunter College to CUNY Central

As reported in the Hunter Envoy, about 110 students gathered outside Hunter College West today, where a banner drop occurred, before marching to CUNY Central at 80th Street. The march was planned in… Continue reading

Silent vigil announced in solidarity with 2 Brooklyn College students arrested on May 2

The Professional Staff Congress (the faculty and staff union) and the Brooklyn College Student Union have announced a Vigil in Solidarity with the two Brooklyn College students arrested for peacefully demonstrating outside of… Continue reading

No Cops! No Hikes! CUNY Convergence Against Police Repression

Students United for a Free CUNY announced a convergence for Thursday at Hunter College in response to student arrests and unnecessary police brutality at Brooklyn College last week.

Press coverage from #May2 Student Manifestation at Brooklyn College

[Update on arrested students: As of 6pm on Thursday, both students arrested at Brooklyn College the day before were released; one has a court date scheduled for June 20. They were greeted by… Continue reading

Students and faculty respond to assaults and arrests at #May2 Student Manifestation

Earlier today, students and faculty wrote to Brooklyn College President Karen Gould about the handling of yesterday’s #May2 Student Manifestation, at which two Brooklyn College students were arrested (both now released—one with an… Continue reading

Videos from #May2 Brooklyn College Student Manifestation

The following videos were posted hours after two students were arrested at Boylan Hall this afternoon. For more information about the events, visit Reclaim Brooklyn College and our roundup coverage. [vimeo]

Police violence at #May2 Brooklyn College Student Manifestation

A banner was dropped from the 5th Floor of Boylan Hall as six students soft locked outside the president’s office, two were arrested, and dozens ejected in aggressive police actions.

All charges dismissed against students arrested on November 21, 2011 at Board of Trustees Hearing at Baruch College

Five CUNY students still facing charges associated with the N21 protests at Baruch appeared before a judge this morning. The students were blocked from attending the Board of Trustees public hearing and faced… Continue reading

Students STAND UP at York College against racism, tuition hikes, bigotry, and more

A new student organization has been launched at York College called S.T.A.N.D.U.P (Students Together Against Neglecting Democracy & Uniting The People). According to the group’s Facebook page Our purpose is to promote awareness and… Continue reading

BMCC event focuses on stop and frisk, justice for Trayvon Martin and Ramarley Graham 4/4 2-4pm

The BMCC Student Government Association and BMCC Students United are co-sponsoring an event on April 4, 2012 from 2–4pm in the Cafeteria. The event will focus on stop and frisk and what to do… Continue reading

Trayvon Martin and Shaima Al Awadi hoodie and hijab protest held in Queens College quad

The Knight News, the student newspaper of Queens College, provided live tweets of today’s hoodie protest in the quad reacting to the shooting of Travon Martin last month. According to the twitter feed, CUNY security was on hand patrolling and even videotaping students.

City Tech students issue collective statement responding to March 22 rally arrest

Students at City Tech have issued a collective statement in which they describe their March 22 rally outside President Russell Holtzer’s office. According to the statement, after 30 minutes, the students attempted to… Continue reading

Open Letter to the CUNY community regarding the police violence against Occupy Wall Street demonstrators on March 17th, 2012

Dear CUNY Community, Last Saturday, March 17th, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators convened in Zuccotti Park to celebrate the six month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The gathering was a joyous event, a reunion… Continue reading

Queens College students denied access to public Goldman Sachs event over “security and safety” issues

The Knight News, Queens College’s student newspaper, reports that 10 students were denied entry to an event on March 7 that featured two school alumnae who work for Goldman Sachs: “‘The security and safety… Continue reading

Campus groups report intimidation by CUNY Security at teach-in events

We have received several reports of campus security intimidation at the March 1 teach-ins at Baruch and Hunter and other events occurring throughout CUNY. According to attendees, CUNY security, including sergeants, have positioned themselves outside… Continue reading

Over 400 faculty call for NYPD Commissioner Kelly’s resignation

Over 400 faculty nationwide have called for the resignation of NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Professors Saskia Sassen (Columbia) and Jeanne Theoharis (Brooklyn, CUNY) wrote in Tuesdays’ Chronicle: “Faced with skyrocketing numbers of NYPD stop-and-frisks… Continue reading

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