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“Pathetic!” Trustees caught on camera mocking 6000 faculty against Pathways

Board Chair Benno Schmidt and other trustees mock nearly 6,000 faculty signatures calling for the repeal of the Pathways general education plan at an April 30, 2012 meeting.

Videography documents the Free University (with post-event press release)

Rhodes Pictures has released a short documentary with interviews from students, teachers, and co-creators of the Free University held on May 1, 2012 at Madison Square Park. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Free University” in… Continue reading

Videos from #May2 Brooklyn College Student Manifestation

The following videos were posted hours after two students were arrested at Boylan Hall this afternoon. For more information about the events, visit Reclaim Brooklyn College and our roundup coverage. [vimeo]

Police violence at #May2 Brooklyn College Student Manifestation

A banner was dropped from the 5th Floor of Boylan Hall as six students soft locked outside the president’s office, two were arrested, and dozens ejected in aggressive police actions.

Free University video trailer released

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free University in Solidarity with May 1 General Strike Press Inquiries/General Information: (347) 670-FREU (3738)   Rayya El Zein: Zoltán Glück : Priya Chandrasekaran: Michelle Obando:… Continue reading

Trayvon Martin and Shaima Al Awadi hoodie and hijab protest held in Queens College quad

The Knight News, the student newspaper of Queens College, provided live tweets of today’s hoodie protest in the quad reacting to the shooting of Travon Martin last month. According to the twitter feed, CUNY security was on hand patrolling and even videotaping students.

CUNY student filmmakers honor Louis Reyes Rivera (1945–2012), member of 1969 City College takeover

Graduate Film students at Hunter College Iva Rad and Martyna Starosta have released “Are You With Me?”—a video honoring Louis Reyes Rivera (1945-2012). Rivera was a member of the 1969 occupation of City College, which was… Continue reading

City Tech students issue collective statement responding to March 22 rally arrest

Students at City Tech have issued a collective statement in which they describe their March 22 rally outside President Russell Holtzer’s office. According to the statement, after 30 minutes, the students attempted to… Continue reading

Video roundup from #M5 student protests in Albany

Here are several videos we found from the #M5 actions in Albany on March 5, 2012. Know of others? Help contribute. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

Video and photos from #M1 Radical Lunch: Look what CUNY is serving us

A first look at this nutritious and fulfilling protest of what CUNY is serving: tuition hikes, low pay, poor adjunct conditions, security crackdowns, and an undemocratic university.

Video and News Coverage of State of the Students Address

NY1 has coverage of Monday’s State of the Students Address, including video:–state-of-the-students–address   There are several YouTube videos of the event:

The Time for Action is Now (Occupy CUNY)

Graduate Film students at Hunter College Iva Rad and Martyna Starosta have released a video showing how the Occupy Wall Street movement is giving new momentum to the protest culture of CUNY. In… Continue reading

Queens College professor mic checks Cuomo during budget talk

Professor Grace Davie at QC mic checked Cuomo at his recent presentation at the College. [youtube] Despite receiving little participation from the audience, Davie made her points quickly and said she was greeted… Continue reading

Mini-doc examines tuition raises, protests

A new mini-documentary directed by Alex Mallis and Jay Sterrenberg examines the vote on the recent tuition increases at CUNY, including their impact on students and security and separation at the Board of Trustees… Continue reading

Video: War On Education

Macaulay Honors College student, Anne Zhou, made a short documentary film on the student days of action in November, including the protests against tuition hikes at CUNY. To submit your videos to,… Continue reading

Video of Goldstein mic checked several times at New School panel on higher ed

The New School has posted the full video from its 12/8 panel on the future of higher education, where Chancellor Goldstein spoke and was challenged at various points about tuition increases, open admissions,… Continue reading

[Update] Students United protests Goldstein at John Jay

[Updated 12/4/2011 @ 6:29pm] A video has just been posted of students challenging on Chancellor Goldstein on tuition increases and the demographics of CUNY and chanting, “Shame” as he leaves the stage. Thursday,… Continue reading

[Update] Where is the video, CUNY?

[Updated 12/1/2011 @ 3:09pm] Faculty have also started writing in asking for the video of the Nov 21 board hearing (second letter below). Is this the beginning of a campaign? After noticing that… Continue reading

First videos from N28

RT America has one of the first videos up on YouTube from tonight’s protest. NY Daily News has a pre-protest gathering video featuring three student interviews:

CUNY Students Rally for Education and Against Anti-Democratic Lock-Down

A People’s Assembly to Defend Education, An action endorsed by the Professional Staff Congress, set for Monday, November 28 at 4 p.m. Media Inquires: Dominique Nisperos (510) 788-0085 / Elizabeth Sibilia (347) 249-2326… Continue reading

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