Doctoral Students’ Council calls for a democratic Board of Trustees

CUNY’s Doctoral Students’ Council has drawn attention to a unanimous statement passed last May, which calls for a democratically-elected Board of Trustees composed of a majority of students, faculty, and staff. The statement… Continue reading

Inside Occupy Wall Street’s Growing Student Protests | Threat Level |

Wired‘s Threat Level blog has published a new article featuring student voices from Monday’s Board Hearing. “I was thrown out like a dog,” said 22-year old Venetia Biney, a political science and journalism… Continue reading

City Council members join in rally to protest student arrests

NY1 reports that City Council members joined students yesterday to denounce arrests connected to last Monday’s Board of Trustees Hearing. “There is evidence of your security totally out of control, brutalizing young people… Continue reading

Activist’s Guide to First Aid

The Medical working group of the Graduate Center General Assembly has identified a helpful guide to first aid information for activists, prepared by health care workers in Portland, Oregon after the 1999 World… Continue reading

CBS News: Charles Barron Joins Chorus Protesting CUNY Tuition Hike

New York City Councilman Charles Barron speaks out against campus police brutality at the Nov 21, 2011 tuition hike protests at Baruch College: …City Councilman Charles Barron says that the Bloomberg administration, which hired… Continue reading highlights Nov 21 CUNY tuition hike protests highlights CUNY tuition hike protests on November 21, 2011. On Monday afternoon, a contingent of a several hundred students marched from Madison Square in Manhattan to a Board of Trustees hearing across town at… Continue reading

New video presents images of growing student movement

This presentation is a tribute to the combative university students of NY. Inspired by the ferment of the Occupy Movement, NYC students, in their great majority of working class and oppressed backgrounds, have… Continue reading

Dissent Magazine publishes student and faculty reflections on Baruch police violence

Dissent Magazine has started publishing student and faculty reactions to police violence at the Board of Trustees Hearing held at Baruch College on Monday, November 21. Current voices include Michael Busch, Ph.D. student… Continue reading

CUNY PSC Union to join students at Monday’s Trustees meeting

Professional Staff Congress (PSC) President Barbara Bowen has responded to a call for support by urging all union members to join students in an informational picket and demonstration at Board of Trustees meeting… Continue reading

Student Trustee calls for all charges to be dropped, opposes tuition increase

University Student Senate (USS) Chair Kafui Kouakou, the only student who holds a seat on the Board of Trustees, has called for charges against students arrested in Monday’s protest to be dropped. In… Continue reading

Petition tells Governor to stop tuition increase This increase will be a great economic impact for most CUNY students and will force many to withdraw from college. More than half of CUNY students live in households with incomes of… Continue reading

CUNY-Wide General Assembly 11/27/2011

Facebook event: Subways #1 train to Broadway and 125th Street, then walk two blocks to St. Mary’s A, B, C, D trains to St. Nicholas Avenue and 125th Street, then walk (or… Continue reading

Background information on CUNY Public Safety

General information: The City University of New York Public Safety Department (CUNY Public Safety) is the fifth largest law enforcement agency in New York City…CUNY Campus Peace Officers are New York State… Continue reading

CUNY Doctoral Students’ Council officers circulate open letter on increased campus security

Ten officers of the CUNY Doctoral Students’ Council have circulated an open letter, addressed to President William Kelly, regarding increased campus security presence at the CUNY Graduate Center: Dear President Kelly, Over the… Continue reading

OccupyColleges announces General Student Strike on Mon, Nov 28

OccupyColleges, A forum for College Students to organize in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the 99%, has announced a general student strike for Monday, the same day as the upcoming CUNY Board… Continue reading

CUNY PSC Union calls for investigation of police response

Professional Staff Congress (PSC) President Barbara Bowen called for an investigation of police response to non-violent student protest at last night’s Borough Hearing at Baruch College: The City University has a proud history… Continue reading

Occuprint posters featured on Wired

Wired Magazine has featured Occuprint’s ( efforts on its Underwire blog. With bold slogans and powerful imagery, these Occupy Wall Street posters deliver political messages with a visual punch. . . . “Poster… Continue reading

CUNY logos and visual identity

Information for International Students Engaging in Political Action

Information for International Students Engaging in Political Action I. Introduction In conjunction with Occupy Wall Street protest actions are being organized all around New York City, and many international students have asked about… Continue reading

Know Your Rights Card (National Lawyers Guild)

Know Your Rights Card – National Lawyers Guild (PDF)

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