Video of Board Hearing @ Baruch 11/21/2011

Student newspaper, Baruch Ticker, has several videos here Ground view of moments in Baruch lobby before police attack and subsequent chaos By Toni Alessandrini By Josh Scann

[Update] News Coverage of Board Hearing @ Baruch 11/21/2011

Petition calls for Chancellor Goldstein’s resignation The Chancellor of the City University of New York, Matthew Goldstein, sat idly by through the full three and a half hours of the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch College,… Continue reading

Protest the Board of Trustees! 11/28/2011 Monday, November 28, 2011 4:00pm until 8:00pm Protest the Board of Trustees meeting! Stop tuition hikes! Resist police brutality!

Images of Board Hearing @ Baruch 11/21/2011

Graduate Center General Assembly 11/22/2011, 6–8 Please join us for this critical planning meeting for the Nov 28th BoT meeting/vote on tuition hikes!!! 8th Floor Cafeteria, The CUNY Graduate Center, 6pm!!! Last night’s peaceful protest against tuition hikes… Continue reading

Statement Condemning Police Violence at CUNY Board of Trustees Public Hearing

PRESS RELEASE: Board of Trustees Public and Budget Hearing, Baruch College, CUNY #occupyCUNY, November 21, 2011   WE CONDEMN the use of police violence against CUNY community members who were protesting peacefully at… Continue reading

Articles, documents, reports, plans, web resources depicting CUNY struggle This dossier is broken into three sections: (1) a set of articles and primary documents depicting struggle at CUNY for open admissions, free speech, equal rights, and against downsizing and privatization; (2)… Continue reading

The Time For Action Is Now (Occupy CUNY)

Graduate Film students at Hunter College have released a video showing how the Occupy Wall Street movement is giving new momentum to the protest culture of CUNY. In 1969, a group of black… Continue reading


nov21flyercitywide-1 (PDF) n21_print (PDF) CUNY-WIDE WALK OUT IN PROTEST OF THE TUITION HIKES City College 1pm: Stand up, walk out, come to the NAC Plaza, and let your voice be heard! Then after… Continue reading

CUNY faculty release statement on violence against nonviolent student protesters [NOTE: This statement was composed and first published on Sunday, November 20, 2011. The next day, campus police used violence against nonviolent CUNY community members, mostly students, who were protesting peacefully at… Continue reading

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