City Tech students issue collective statement responding to March 22 rally arrest

Students at City Tech have issued a collective statement in which they describe their March 22 rally outside President Russell Holtzer’s office. According to the statement, after 30 minutes, the students attempted to… Continue reading

Brooklyn College students ask for admin’s financial support in the face of tuition hikes

Students at Brooklyn College have launched a petition campaign with actions leading up to the beginning of May. In a letter to President Karen Gould, they request subsidies for printing, books and course… Continue reading

The Second Imaginarium 3/22 6:15pm

The Imaginarium – OCCUPY CUNY GC Thursday March 22nd 6:15PM – 7:45PM Rm 6304.02 ——————————————————————————————————– The Knowledge-Werk Working Group will be convening the second meeting of the Imaginarium this coming Thursday at the… Continue reading

Open Letter to the CUNY community regarding the police violence against Occupy Wall Street demonstrators on March 17th, 2012

Dear CUNY Community, Last Saturday, March 17th, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators convened in Zuccotti Park to celebrate the six month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The gathering was a joyous event, a reunion… Continue reading

Queens College students denied access to public Goldman Sachs event over “security and safety” issues

The Knight News, Queens College’s student newspaper, reports that 10 students were denied entry to an event on March 7 that featured two school alumnae who work for Goldman Sachs: “‘The security and safety… Continue reading

Uprisings!! From Athens to Wall Street: Reflections on Occupy Movements in Greece and the U.S.

MONDAY March 19, 2012 6:30-8:30pm CUNY Graduate Center Room 6107 365 Fifth Ave, Manhattan Join scholar-activists and friends for a discussion on the past, present and future of uprisings and occupy movements in Athens and… Continue reading

Coalitions release CounterBudget for New York that puts people first, restores higher ed funding

On Monday, statewide organizations released a CounterBudget that prioritizes the needs of working, middle-class, and unemployed families in New York state, including funds for higher education.

Graduate Center Visioning Assembly 3/9, 6pm

Graduate Center Visioning Assembly Friday March 9, 2012 6 pm Dining “Commons,” 8th floor A few weeks ago at one of the Graduate Center General Assemblies we decided to set aside this week’s… Continue reading

Campus groups report intimidation by CUNY Security at teach-in events

We have received several reports of campus security intimidation at the March 1 teach-ins at Baruch and Hunter and other events occurring throughout CUNY. According to attendees, CUNY security, including sergeants, have positioned themselves outside… Continue reading

Over 400 faculty call for NYPD Commissioner Kelly’s resignation

Over 400 faculty nationwide have called for the resignation of NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Professors Saskia Sassen (Columbia) and Jeanne Theoharis (Brooklyn, CUNY) wrote in Tuesdays’ Chronicle: “Faced with skyrocketing numbers of NYPD stop-and-frisks… Continue reading

Video roundup from #M5 student protests in Albany

Here are several videos we found from the #M5 actions in Albany on March 5, 2012. Know of others? Help contribute. [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

Chancellor Goldstein wants to know more about your sex life

Chancellor Goldstein proposes new policies that would ban relationships between some members of the CUNY community and require some staff members to disclose their intimate relationships to supervisors.

“They Can’t Stop the Push”: Lessons from the University of Puerto Rico’s 2010-2011 student strikes

Thursday March 15, 2012
Graduate Center, Rm 5414

Join a conversation with student activists Marimer Berberena and Alicia M. Petru, as they share their experiences and the lessons learned throughout the high and low points of the student struggle in Puerto Rico.

PSC union calls town hall meeting to repeal Pathways gen ed revisions, gets 600 signatures in two hours

Professional Staff Congress (PSC) President Barbara Bowen called for a town hall meeting on Thursday, March 8 from 6:00-8:30 pm at the Community Church of New York (40 East 35th Street) to repeal the… Continue reading

Press coverage of student protests in Albany #M5

Students from around the state held protests in Albany on Monday, demanding that lawmakers recognize that education is a right. Students United for a Free CUNY and New York Students Rising both participated, and 33… Continue reading

Free bus seats still available for #M5 Rally in Albany to demand education as a right

Students United for a Free CUNY has announced on Facebook that seats are still available for the March 5 #M5 Rally in Albany, planned with New York Students Rising (NYSR). Students from across New… Continue reading

Video and photos from #M1 Radical Lunch: Look what CUNY is serving us

A first look at this nutritious and fulfilling protest of what CUNY is serving: tuition hikes, low pay, poor adjunct conditions, security crackdowns, and an undemocratic university.

Hunter adjuncts hold hallway office hours to protest end of office space, poor labor conditions

A group of adjuncts at Hunter college protested cuts to office space and poor labor standards by holding their office hours in the hallway yesterday. As one participant reported, Many of us had students… Continue reading

Muslim Law Students Association plans protest of Ray Kelly’s talk at Fordham Law Luncheon

Outside the Fordham Law Alumni Association Annual Luncheon Featured Speaker: Ray Kelly, Commissioner of the New York Police Department Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 11:30am – 2pm Cipriani 55 Wall Street (Between William &… Continue reading

#M1 early press coverage

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