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12 Things to Know about the Kroll report

CUNY’s official report on the student protests over tuition hikes was released quietly this January. This post summarizes 12 takeaway points that highlight the most interesting–and often worst–aspects of the report.


All charges dismissed against students arrested on November 21, 2011 at Board of Trustees Hearing at Baruch College

Five CUNY students still facing charges associated with the N21 protests at Baruch appeared before a judge this morning. The students were blocked from attending the Board of Trustees public hearing and faced… Continue reading

Faculty Senate calls for reform of security at Board meetings

The University Faculty Senate has adopted a statement on security policies at Board of Trustees meetings. Among other things, the statement points out several ways in which “the Board and the University Administration… Continue reading

SinoVision covers CUNY tuition hike protests

SinoVision, a Chinese language television provider in the New York metro area, reported on the recent tuition hike protests. The video mentions the conflict between police and students on November 21 and the… Continue reading

[Update] Where is the video, CUNY?

[Updated 12/1/2011 @ 3:09pm] Faculty have also started writing in asking for the video of the Nov 21 board hearing (second letter below). Is this the beginning of a campaign? After noticing that… Continue reading

New York City Students and Labor Rally: Three Grievances

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York City Students and Labor Rally: Three Grievances Press Inquiries: OccupycunyGCpress@googlegroups.com Elizabeth Sibilia (347) 249-2326 Dominique Nisperos (510) 788-0085 Rayya El Zein (646) 696-8910 New York, NY (November 29,… Continue reading

Press Coverage on N28 protest

Baruch Ticker http://www.theticker.org/about/2.8215/bot-passes-tuition-hike-in-the-midst-of-another-student-protest-1.2676880#.TtUtrTswLTq Black Star News http://blackstarnews.com/news/135/ARTICLE/7813/2011-11-28.html Chronicle of Higher Education http://chronicle.com/article/Protest-Again-Centers-on/129919/ DNAinfo http://www.dnainfo.com/20111128/murray-hill-gramercy/baruch-college-braces-for-student-rally-cuny-vote Gothamist http://gothamist.com/2011/11/29/four_arrested_at_protest_of_cuny_tu.php International Business Times http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/258117/20111129/cuny-tuition-beef-aired-streets-new-york.htm PIX11 http://www.wpix.com/news/morningnews/wpix-cuny-student-rx,0,6617259.story The New York Post http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/cuny_ups_tuition_A4AsByezDpVL20VedddpNN New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/29/nyregion/cuny-board-approves-tuition-increases.html http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/30/education/duncan-calls-for-urgency-in-lowering-college-costs.html NY1… Continue reading

CUNY Law School students condemn violence against peaceful protesters

The Student Government of the CUNY School of Law passed a resolution yesterday condemning recent violence against peaceful student and faculty demonstrators: We, the Student Government and members of the student body at… Continue reading

“Dear New York, Welcome to the Student Movement”

Zoltán Glück, doctoral student in Anthropology at the CUNY Graduate Center, posts a reflection on the blossoming student movement: Last Monday night I walked out of Baruch College after being handcuffed and detained… Continue reading

“The Frontline of Privatizing Public Education”

Fiona Lee posts a dispatch on the November 21, 2011 CUNY tuition hikes protest and the police violence inflicted upon students. The police brutality that took place at Baruch College on November 21,… Continue reading

Professor speaks out against police violence at CUNY

Anthony Alessandrini, associate professor of English at Kingsborough Community College, has published an extended article on police violence at Baruch last Monday, detailing the reactions of students and faculty involved and calling for… Continue reading

Hunter Envoy reports on police presence, publishes interview of arrested student

The Envoy, the student newspaper of Hunter College, has published a series of recent articles about the Board Hearing at Baruch College on Monday, November 21. The first article, “Unexpected clash occurs in… Continue reading

Inside Occupy Wall Street’s Growing Student Protests | Threat Level | Wired.com

Wired‘s Threat Level blog has published a new article featuring student voices from Monday’s Board Hearing. “I was thrown out like a dog,” said 22-year old Venetia Biney, a political science and journalism… Continue reading

Wired.com highlights Nov 21 CUNY tuition hike protests

Wired.com highlights CUNY tuition hike protests on November 21, 2011. On Monday afternoon, a contingent of a several hundred students marched from Madison Square in Manhattan to a Board of Trustees hearing across town at… Continue reading

Dissent Magazine publishes student and faculty reflections on Baruch police violence

Dissent Magazine has started publishing student and faculty reactions to police violence at the Board of Trustees Hearing held at Baruch College on Monday, November 21. Current voices include Michael Busch, Ph.D. student… Continue reading

Student Trustee calls for all charges to be dropped, opposes tuition increase

University Student Senate (USS) Chair Kafui Kouakou, the only student who holds a seat on the Board of Trustees, has called for charges against students arrested in Monday’s protest to be dropped. In… Continue reading

Video of Board Hearing @ Baruch 11/21/2011

Student newspaper, Baruch Ticker, has several videos here Ground view of moments in Baruch lobby before police attack and subsequent chaos By Toni Alessandrini By Josh Scann

[Update] News Coverage of Board Hearing @ Baruch 11/21/2011

[Update 11/22/2011 @ 11:17] Take Back Brooklyn http://takebackbrooklyn.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/100-cuny-students-attacked-by-nypd-at-the-public-board-of-trustee-hearing-at-baruch/   ABC http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news/local/new_york&id=8440696 AM New York http://www.amny.com/urbanite-1.812039/baruch-students-arrested-in-tuition-hike-protest-1.3338763 Boingboing.net http://boingboing.net/2011/11/21/nypd-beat-peaceful-baruch-coll.html CBS http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2011/11/22/15-arrested-during-protest-against-tuition-hike-at-baruch-college/ The Chronicle of Higher Education http://chronicle.com/article/At-Baruch-College-Tuition/129871/ Daily Kos http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/11/21/1038828/-BREAKING:-Arrests-at-CUNY-Baruch,-Journalist-Thrown-into-Revolving-Door-by-NYPD?via=siderec Democracy Now http://www.democracynow.org/2011/11/22/headlines#7 DNAinfo http://gamma.dnainfo.com/20111121/murray-hill-gramercy/15-arrested-during-baruch-college-tuition-protest… Continue reading

Petition calls for Chancellor Goldstein’s resignation

http://www.change.org/petitions/chancellor-goldstein-we-call-on-you-to-resign-with-immediate-effect The Chancellor of the City University of New York, Matthew Goldstein, sat idly by through the full three and a half hours of the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting at Baruch College,… Continue reading

Protest the Board of Trustees! 11/28/2011

http://www.facebook.com/events/118766188236707/ Monday, November 28, 2011 4:00pm until 8:00pm Protest the Board of Trustees meeting! Stop tuition hikes! Resist police brutality!

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